Book on dating by dr myles munroe who is cat deeley dating 2016

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Book on dating by dr myles munroe

Date: Wed Jan 1 2003 Name: Theresa E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: HICKEY NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Laura Turnbull who posted items in 1999 re the Hickey family. He married Melinda May Roberts of Ingonish, in 1899, he was born in about 1876 (unconfirmed) and died in 1928 or 1929 from a heart attack at the plaster mines in Ingonish. Catherine herself is listed in the household of her son John E on the other side of Peggy and Neil. Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 Name: Barbara Wrathall E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: WRATHALL and RALPHS and CHRISTOFF NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Trying to find anything to do with my relatives, who are listed above. My grandfather was Hector Robertson of Little Glace Bay. Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 Name: Eleen O' Donovan E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: O' Brien, Le Blanc or white NOTE: County: Unknown Qrytext: searching for Peter White (Le Blanc) born in France in 1852,also O'brien,anything on the family ,had a daughter, Mary bridget Born in 1862 wife of Peter ,they were from Nfld and before that I t could be N. Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 Name: Ken Mac Callum E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Callum NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 Name: Carole A. There were 3 more children born: Gladys, Wilbur, & Edith. When he died in June of 1969, I was living (and had been living for some time) in Toronto. NS census) 6 children- Alexander, George, Levina, Mary Jane, Robert and William. SO IF YOU CAN PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PUT CLIMO FAMILY IN YOUR SUJECT BOX WHEN SENDING E- MAIL DUE TO SO MANY VIRUSES IT WILL MAKE IT SAFER TO OPEN I THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND ANY LEADS WILL BE SO MUCH APPREACIATED. Thank you Date: Wed Feb 9 2005 Name: Lorie Morris E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Donald Beaton NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: Hi there!! She married (1) JOHN MCNEIL in Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia(4). He was born in Nova Scotia(6),(7),(8), and died Bef. Children of MARGARET GREENCORN and JOHN MCNEIL are: i. One day Kathleen received a letter in the mail from Mary Mc Donald and Kathleen got very upset and thought that Mary was coming back for her son.

I have not been successful in obtaining a birth or death certificate. Thank You, Barb Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 Name: Marh Robertson Campbell E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: ROBERTSON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Searching for information on my great grandfather Duncan Robertson who married Catherine (Kate) Mac Lean in Cape Breton. Clark E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CLARK , MCNEIL NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: My Grandfather Roland(Rowland)Hill Clark was married in Sydney, Cape Breton in 1903 to Johanna(Annie)Mc Neil. I flew home for the funeral...but, because I had been away for so long, and I have not been back to Cape Breton since, the location of the cemetery is still a mystery to me. Sadly, we are not a family who keep in touch..I would very much like to know where Mom and Dad, and other members who are deceased, are buried. BLAINE NICHOLON Date: Wed Feb 2 2005 Name: Liz Forrest E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACKENZIE, KEMP, MACDONALD, BEATON, MACIVER NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Researching the families who emigrated from the Wester Ross area of Scotland from about 1790 to 1860 - Placenames of origin may include Gairloch, Poolewe, Aultbea, Torridon, Kinlochewe, Sheildaig or Applecross - with surnames primarily those listed above. Liz Date: Thu Feb 3 2005 Name: Jill Brown E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MULLINS, JAYNES, RUELL NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: This message is for s.i. Looking for cousins who are link to my grand parents john robbie mac Donald Mary Marcelle Beaton Mac Donald living now in Halifax area ??? As it turned out Mary wanted to know if Hughey and Kathleen would adopt her son.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

I don't know if I'm on the right track, but if you can provide me with some information as to where I could look I would greatly appreciate it. They had 8 children: Muriel Katherine, Thomas, Angus, Morrow, Jeremiah Jr., George, Edmond and J. Please contact me and I will give you information Kay Date: Sat Feb 8 2003 Name: Gwen Rusnell E-mail: [email protected]: MACDONALD & CAMPBELL NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am trying to locate a book which contains information on my parents Donald A Mac Donald of river denys nova scotia and Mary flora Campbell they were married in July 2, 1955(i believe around Detroit Michigan) this book also contains other family history as well. Conti E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MACKILLOP, MCKILLOP, MACDONALD, MCDONALD NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Seeking info on my grandmother, Elizabeth (Libby) Mac Killop b2/10/1920? Her parents were Charles Mac Killop and Florence (Flora) Macdonald. PLEASE SOMEONE MUST KNOW OF MY MOTHER Date: Wed Mar 5 2003 Name: Jewel Brown E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: BROWN NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Could someone please help me with an obituary or census information for a James Brown b.1833 Sydney Mines & died May 4, 1911 in Sydney Mines. He was the son of Donald John & Mary(Mc Askill)Mc Keigan from St. Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 Name: John Shapter E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: CHAPTER - MCKINNON NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am searching for the wife of Daniel Mc Kinnon. Please note spelling of her maiden name as it could have been spelt with a C or S. 1881 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, Arichat West, Margarit MCNEIL Widow Female Dutch age 46 Nova Scotia Catholic [living with John & Isabella Mc Neil]. 1901 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, West Arichat, Drinkwater Margeret, Female, Wife, Married, born Dec 20 1829, age 71. 1891 Nova Scotia Census, Richmond County, West Arichat 182, Drinkwater Margaret, Female, age 58, Married, Wife. Paroisse Notre Dame de l'Assomption, Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Line 409. 15, 1855 / John Mc Neil, Mary [sic] Greencorn / Witnesses: None Listed / Priest: C. Mc Lean b.9/17/1891 5)Danial Mc Lean b.12/4/1895 6)Edward Mc Lean b.7/16/1898 7)sadie Ann Mc Lean b.1901-03 m. Mary is purported to be a descendant of either Donald Tracadie Mac Donald or Ronald Maple Hill Mac Donald. He married Nora Smith and had the following children: 1. Ann's Cape Breton on the Barque Breadalbane, settled in Waipu. When I talked to my father, he did not know any of his father's relatives (or even the names of them).

Thank you Nadine e-mail: [email protected]: Tue Jan 7 2003 Name: J. This book contains information on the birth of their 4 children- Vincent, Deborah, Gwendlyn and John Macdonald. Would really appreciate it, thank you Jewel Brown Date: Thu Mar 6 2003 Name: Lorie E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Lorne Mac Neil NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: This is a response for Lorne Mac Neil regarding New Waterford General. SNOW E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: ASPINOL, SNOW NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: Looking for information on an Ann ASPINOL who married a Harold SNOW from Sydney Mines. She was a dental assistant and lived in Chicago with Harold in the 1930 US Census. Her name was Mary Chapter and they were married on November 19,1919 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 Name: Jeannie E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Lane, Mc Lean, Jamieson, Hogan, Daniels, Mapes NOTE: County: Qrytext: I am looking for infomation on the following : Donald R. Any information on her burial site or living relatives appreciated. , Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia(18),(19); Adopted child [birth mother was Esther E. John Matheson born May 17th, 1915, died May 13th, 2000. On web site Breadalbane has 9 children sailing with them. I wonder how Laurent ended up in Minto, New Brunswick when it seems the rest of the relatives stayed in Margaree, Nova Scotia?

Prior to the church being built, the services were held in the one-room school house. Edward Shiers (I knew him as Uncle Ed...lived in Millbrae, CA) Children: Mildred, Ervia Catherine, Minnie, Lyle All children lived in or near Millbrae, CA. 1966 OR 1968 Date: Sat Feb 8 2003 Name: Beatrice Walker E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Khattar NOTE: County: Qrytext: The person requesting information on Flora Khattar-I have the information you need-please send your grandmothers name I will fill in the blanks. I have lost all my family except for my adopted sister. MADALINE Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 Name: Nora O'Brien E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Denny NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: My great great grandmother was we believe a Mi'kmag Indian She married Laurance Tobin from Newfoundland in 1802 at St george's church in Sydney. Donald William Mc Kinnon E-mail: [email protected]: na Surnames: MCKINNON NOTE: County: Unknown Qrytext: Very interested in any Mc Kinnon Family members, especially Joseph James Mc Kinnon, lived in Wisconsin in the early 1930's and Philadephia, Pa. Date: Fri Feb 25 2005 Name: Julie E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I am looking for the family or someone to tell me where the grave site of my friend is. My father's military records indicate that he was an employee of this company when he was in the merchant navy. Judy Date: Wed Mar 2 2005 Name: Chris Mullen E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MULLINS/MULLANS, MORRISON, BEATON NOTE: County: Qrytext: To the person who left a query without contact info on Richard Mullans born 1815. Iam looking for Mary Mc Kinnon who was married to Daniel Mc Kinnon on November 19,1919 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Immaculate Conception Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, West Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia, 4. Blair G Whynacht May 11, 2005 Date: Fri May 13 2005 Name: Jean M. He was in the Canadian Army (17th Reserve Battalion, Infantry, Nova Scotia Regiment) in WWI and died in England on 18 December, 1917. His children were Annie, Ellan, Mary, Cloe Tilda & Janie. Harnois E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Morrison, campbell NOTE: County: Victoria Qrytext: I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Angus Morrison and his family. He is buried in the Clivden War Cemetry in Buckinghampshire, UK. Date: Sat May 14 2005 Name: Jim Aitken E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mc Lean, Harris, Mc Kenna, Carberry NOTE: County: Richmond Qrytext: Looking for information and family of: Alexander Mc Lean b.5/1/1855 St. Mary Jane (Harris)b.12/25/1865 Children; 1)Catherne Mary Mc Lean b.9/25/1885-89 m. Did a quick search and came up with this: bin/igm.cgi? The Laurent Le Blanc listed here matches the information that is listed on the website.

That school house is still standing and is located on my daughters property in Linwood, Antigonish County. I am most interested in finding Catherine Mc Kinnon and Thomas Williams parents and ancestors.... Wood, South San Francisco, CA Date: Sat Feb 8 2003 Name: FLORA KHATTAR E-mail: URL: Surnames: NOTE: County: Cape Breton Qrytext: I' M LOOKING FOR MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER FORA KHATTAR WHO WAS BURIED AT ST ANTHONY DANIEL CATHOLIC CHURCH, SYDNEY N. Date: Sat Feb 8 2003 Name: Kay Olsen E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Flora Khatter NOTE: County: Qrytext: Flora was my Grand Aunt. I would like to meet some of my birth family and would like especially to be able to tell my son a little about his background. If you have any info on any possible family members I would appreciate any information you would be willing to share. Children: Evertt, Roy, Douglas & Edna Jean ( I think these were all born between 18) The children were born in Canada and family members state Nova Scotia. Edna Jean married Alexander Clinton jamieson ( also born in Canada) and had a child Charles A. Edna Jean's parents , Donald & Eliza lived @ 17 Green Street and Edna Jean & Alexander lived closeby. I have information, he was my great-great-granddfather, by his descendants who moved to Framingham, Mass. I know now that she may have been baptized on April 23,1891 in St. Her parents could have been Joseph Chapter & Margaret Mary Rogers. Harnois E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Morrison, campbell NOTE: County: Victoria Qrytext: I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Angus Morrison and his family. He is buried in the Clivden War Cemetry in Buckinghampshire, UK. William Carbury 2)Chisy Mc Lean b.7/1/1887 3)Bridget Mc Lean b.1890 4)Steve J. Date: Mon May 16 2005 Name: Ed Mac Donald E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Mac Donald/Mac Dougall NOTE: County: Inverness Qrytext: According to a family story Archie Mac Dougall of Southwest Margaree was married to Mary Mac Donald of PEI. Date: Sun May 22 2005 Name: Cori Leigh Landry E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: Matheson, Mc Neil NOTE: County: Qrytext: HI, I am searching for any information that can be provided on a Kenneth Matheson (no birthdate or origin known). Date: Fri May 27 2005 Name: Judy Hartigan E-mail: [email protected]: Surnames: MORRISON NOTE: County: Victoria Qrytext: Info: on Donald Morrison, son of Kenneth (1775) and Mary Mc Sween, Donald and his first wife Catherine Mc Askill, and their children left St. I definitely will have to check with other relatives (especially the older ones) to see if they know anything.

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I am most interested in contacting descendents of Allan's children who were Flora (Mrs. Can someone help in finding a record for marriage in Irish Cove in the mid 1850's. Trying to find out were in Scotland Donald would be. IF ANYONE HAS SOME PICTURES OR WENT TO SCHOOL WITH US PLEASE EMAIL ME. Her name is Isabelle Marie Currie born Jan 15,1913 in New Glasgow NS She married Fred Duff in 1933-34. Her parents are Ronald Currie and Anne Marie Gallant.

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