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Third-party programs If this program does not list the information you need, see the third-party program section on this page.

It contains a list of programs that can be installed to detect and list the hardware and software on your computer.

Finding the hardware installed in your computer may be necessary for a number or reasons.

Whether it's to determine if your computer meets system requirements, check on compatibility for upgrades, compare your machine to another, or help sell the computer.

The program is capable of detecting as much as many of the other programs listed on this page.

Si Software SANDRA Short for System ANalyser Diagnostic and Report Assistant, SANDRA is an information and diagnostics software program capable of listing the hardware in the computer.

If more detailed information is required use a third-party utility.

Below is an example of what the Device Manager looks like and the type of devices that may be listed.

Final Wire AIDA64 https:// Formerly Lavalys EVEREST, Final Wire AIDA64 is a program available as a trial base and capable of displaying a very complete list of the software and hardware installed on your computer and can run benchmarks.The first time you run the tool, you will be asked whether you want to check to see if your video drivers have been signed by Microsoft. In general, using signed drivers provides a more stable and reliable environment.After it checks your drivers, the Direct X Diagnostic Tool opens to the System tab.Also, any hardware that has been overclocked displays the overclocked speed and not the original speed.Dx Diag The dxdiag utility included with Direct X allows you to not only display all system information but save it in an easy to read text file.

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Below is a list of what this program is capable of detecting and displaying.

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