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Among them are 665 Venezuelans, 530 Chinese, and 453 US citizens.More than 3,500 executives posted to Spain by multinational companies have also been granted residency.Business projects that generate jobs, have a wider positive impact on an area, or contribute to technological or scientific innovation are also accepted as investment.During the first year of the scheme, only 500 or so investors applied, providing around €700 million.

The latest figures show that the number of investors has risen fourfold since 2014, with the amount they have invested increasing three times in the same period.

Finally, 1,483 visas have been issued to foreigners involved in research or training in Spain, led by Colombians, Indians, Chinese, Mexicans and Iranians.

In the case of investment, to qualify for the scheme, people are required to spend a minimum of €2 million on Spanish treasury bonds, or €1 million in stocks or deposits in Spain, or purchase property valued at more than €500,000.

But the economic crisis of 2008 saw domestic demand fall sharply, with many foreign buyers put off by the collapse in prices, as well as concerns about legal guarantees as more and more cases of corruption in local government emerged.

But foreign buyers are back, purchasing 55,512 properties in Spain last year, an increase of 18.8% on the previous year and making up 13.74% of all sales, one of the biggest percentages in many years.

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