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In the first screen, we're prompted to specify the database to connect to - connect to the same Northwind database using the . When using the DB direct pattern against a DAL that uses optimistic concurrency, the methods must be passed the new and original values. Instead, when using an optimistic concurrency-enabled DAL, we need to alter the of the product columns (as these values are overwritten in Step 2), but is essential for those overloads where only a subset of the column values are passed in as input parameters. As we discussed in the We're very close to having a fully-working example.

Jisun's changes to the product name have been overwritten.Figure 6: Enable Optimistic Concurrency Control by Checking the "Use optimistic concurrency" Check Box (Click to view full-size image) Lastly, indicate that the Table Adapter should use the data access patterns that both fill a Data Table and return a Data Table; also indicate that the DB direct methods should be created. As expected, the Grid View lists each product with an Edit and Delete button in the leftmost column.Change the method name for the Return a Data Table pattern from Get Data to Get Products, so as to mirror the naming conventions we used in our original DAL. Figure 14: The Products are Listed in a Grid View (Click to view full-size image) If you click the Delete button for any product, a method.When using optimistic concurrency, the DB direct method overloads that accept Data Rows and Data Tables rather than scalar values) must be changed as well. original_reorder Level, bool original_discontinued) method expects a Data Row, an array of Data Rows, a Data Table, or a Typed Data Set. With the Object Data Source's properties properly configured, let's turn our attention to setting up the Grid View.Rather than extend our existing DAL's Table Adapters to use optimistic concurrency (which would necessitate changing the BLL to accommodate), let's instead create a new Typed Data Set named Business Logic Layer class that has the appropriate modifications to support the optimistic concurrency DAL. There are no additional input parameters for specifying the original values. First, since we want the Grid View to support editing and deleting, click the Enable Editing and Enable Deleting checkboxes from the Grid View's smart tag.

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Since we used ad-hoc SQL queries in our original DAL, use this option here as well. In our BLL, then, we must accept all of the original parameters as input parameters. Products Optimistic Concurrency Row product, string product Name, int? Additionally, we still need some interface that alerts the user when a concurrency violation has occurred. Refer back to Figure 2 for a graphical representation of this process.