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Much of the material compiled is "popular" in nature and was then evaluated, revised and verified.

Mithra was the god of the regenerating sun and was annually reborn on December 25th. In general it means disinclination to labour or exertion. Thomas (II-II:35) calls it sadness in the face of some spiritual good which one has to achieve ( Tristitia de bono spirituali ).Father Rickaby aptly translates its Latin equivalent acedia (Gr.In the bible there are no common narrative features and many contradictions on the birth of Jesus between Matthew and Luke.There are only two common points in the accounts, (1) Bethlehem location (which is necessary to fulfill prophecy of earlier time though there not one shred of historical evidence, i.e.

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When the Christmas holiday season came around he abandoned his regular presentation and gave a lecture on the origin of Christmas customs.