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Musician she single dating tv glasses

It was a warm family affair, and I invited Jonathan — totally as a friend. My feeling on the first date — which wasn’t a date — was very much, “There’s something going on here.This is so exciting,” but he wasn’t thinking of me in a romantic context at all. Jonathan: She’s like, “He’s the guy with a girlfriend,” and I’m like, “I’m the guy with the ending relationship.”Elaine: But I didn’t know that.

I invited a bunch of people over and my mom and I cooked for everyone. Jonathan has a very different recollection of this, which is funny, because it kind of switched. We went to different colleges and would see one another. I don’t remember any detail other than that thought: he’s a good guy, he’s going to go places and make some girl real happy one day. When I think back to those conversations, I feel like we were always just like smiling at each other. I was in grad school in a Ph D program but I was looking to get into the pharmaceutical industry. Elaine: I would come home during Christmas break and so would he. I was at the front of the church and you were somewhere else and you navigated your way through people to come over and be like “hey” and flash your pretty little smile and I was like, “Oh my gosh, Jonathan. ” There was just something nice about that interaction.I remember thinking, “I really like this person a lot.” Something deep was there. We hugged at the end of the night–Elaine: Which I don’t even remember. I was telling myself that she was just a friend from back home.That night I was like, “We’ve got to hang out, it’s been too long and I’ve been here for a month. We should grab a drink.”Elaine: And then the plotting began. Later that week I was in her area for happy hour with coworkers and she was having drinks with friends, so we met up.

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Jonathan and I were both going uptown so we split a cab. I was not trying to go home with that other guy, who was in the downtown cab.