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Pl sql if inserting updating

1) Create the 'product' table and 'product_price_history' table Once the above update query is executed, the trigger fires and updates the 'product_price_history' table.

4)If you ROLLBACK the transaction before committing to the database, the data inserted to the table is also rolled back.

In such a situation, when there is a row inserted in table 'abc', trigger A fires and will update table 'xyz'.

When the table 'xyz' is updated, trigger B fires and will insert a row in table 'abc'.

There are two types of triggers based on the which level it is triggered.

The following hierarchy is followed when a trigger is fired. 2) Next BEFORE row level trigger fires, once for each row affected.There are essentially two methods for adding records to a table.The first is to add one record at a time; the second is to add many records at a time.3) Then AFTER row level trigger fires once for each affected row.This events will alternates between BEFORE and AFTER row level triggers.

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This cyclic situation continues and will enter into a infinite loop, which will crash the database.