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Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse Årbog 1973, Bertelsen, E. 1974: Stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits in the Skærumhede II boring: lithology, molluscs and foraminifera. Dansk Geologisk Forening Årsskrift 1976, Bondesen, P.

When the Weichselian marine fauna itself is looked at, comparing the Older and Younger Yoldia Sea faunas, 23 out of the 54 species are common to both, while one third is only found in the Younger Yoldia Sea deposits from where the Subarctic Boreal species among the bivalves are: Nuculana minuta, Arctica islandica, and Zirfaea crispata. Acknowledgements This study was supported by a one-year grant from the Carlsberg Foundation. However, it should be noticed that among the 22 species only found in the Eemian, ten species or 7.1% are purely Lusitanian forms, which include the no longer extant species Paphia senescens. The Lusitanian forms are: one gastropod Haminoea navicula; one Scaphopod Dentalium vulgare; and seven bivalves Mytilaster lineatus, Mytilaster solidus, Lucinella divaricata, Plagiocardium papillosum, Gastrana fragilis, Abra segmentum and Gouldia minima. Indbydelsesskrift til Reformationsfesten den 14 de November Kjøbenhavn: J. Förhandlingar skandinaviska Naturforskare och Läkere, Göteborg år 1839, 47 pp.

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Journal of Danish Archaeology 8 (1989), Andersen, S. 1995: Coastal adaptation and marine exploitation in Late Mesolithic Denmark with special emphasis on the Limfjord region. (ed.): Man and sea in the Mesolithic: coastal settlement above and below present sea level.

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