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The ruling was apparently revealed on 18 Jan and made public Jan.

21 via a judicial website from Santa Catarina, Brazil, which stated that Bono was acquitted but found Mullen Jr., the Brazilian journalist Mario Marques Pereira Neto who conducted the interview, and Brazilian media company Info Globo guilty.

We recognize that this is an imprecise estimate, but given the scarcity of data on basic natural history of most Brachycephalus species, we believe that this information is still valuable.

High resolution micro-computed tomography (Micro-CT) scans were produced for one paratype at the University of Florida’s Nanoscale Research Facility, using a Phoenix v|tome|x M (GE’s Measurement & Control business, Boston, USA) with a 180 kv x-ray tube and a diamond-tungsten target, with the following settings: 60 k V, 175 m A, a one second detector time, averaging of three images per rotation and a voxel resolution of 10.52 µm.

The species of Brachycephalus have been recently divided into three species groups (Ribeiro et al., 2015): ephippium (Spix, 1824), didactylus (Izecksohn, 1971), and pernix Pombal Jr, Wistuba & Bornschein, 1998. fuscolineatus Pie, Bornschein, Firkowski, Belmonte-Lopes & Ribeiro, 2015, B. mariaeterezae Bornschein, Morato, Firkowski, Ribeiro & Pie, 2015, B.

The latter included the species of Brachycephalus that shared their bufoniform body shape with the ephippium group, but lacked their characteristic dermal ossification, namely B. olivaceus Bornschein, Morato, Firkowski, Ribeiro & Pie, 2015, B. verrucosus Ribeiro, Firkowski, Bornschein & Pie, 2015 (Pie & Ribeiro, 2015; Ribeiro et al., 2015), for a total of 14 described species.

Final figures were prepared with Photoshop and Illustrator (CS5, Adobe).

The new species is a member of the pernix group by its bufoniform shape and the absence of dermal co-ossification and is distinguished from all its congeners by a combination of its general coloration (dorsal region of head, dorsum, legs, arms, and flanks light, brownish green to dark, olive green, with darker region in the middle of the dorsum and a white line along the vertebral column in most specimens) and by its smooth dorsum.

The classification of Brazilian vegetation proposed by the RADAMBRASIL project (in Veloso, Rangel-Filho & Lima, 1991) was used to characterize the habitat in the type locality.

Altitudinal records were obtained after plotting the geographical coordinates of the lowest and highest altitudinal records in the field using Google Earth.

Such extreme endemism is probably due to their particular cold/humid environmental requirements found in high-elevation regions, as in the case of cloud forests (see Pie et al., 2013; Bornschein et al., 2016). (2016) recently studied the process of diversification of montane Brachycephalus species using a combination of species delimitation methods and molecular divergence dating.

Their study suggests a scenario of isolation in “sky islands” through a combination of niche conservatism and climatic changes in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest during the Quaternary. tridactylus Garey, Lima, Hartmann & Haddad, 2012, B.

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The three parties have reportedly been ordered to pay $800,000 ($480,000 US dollars) in damages.