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why it wasn't just an ordinary lake and how that contributed).

The school's design was also interesting from an education standpoint.

that he is a masterful storyteller who has not only penned a story that is by turns harrowing and poignant, but is also a powerful investigative work that sensitively explores the nature of courage, risk and loss.

On the morning of June 11, 1978, 27 boys and four leaders from St.

I liked the book overall and think it would be a good read for anyone interested in Canadian history, boarding schools, canoeing, or outdoor camps/activities.

I did wish that Raffan had included more biographical information on the boys, especially the ones who died.

Some of them were still just names on a page by the end and I thought that was a wasted opportunity.

Also, when describing the events it wasn't always clear who lived and who died.

I understand that some of the details of exactly when and how would have been impossible to know, but some of the descriptions were much more vague than necessary.

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