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Every promotion is different, although most share a similar ruleset for wrestling matches; all promotions have their own fans, although many of them are not exclusive; and finally, promotions each have a unique flavor that makes them interesting or not-so-interesting, all subjective to the viewer of course.

This database is about wrestling promotions and your change to let your voice be heard (please do not take that literally, most of these promotions are probably never going to read this site).

His comedy has tapped into the harsh truth and you will understand why the world should take note!

They can be seen on Sinclair owned TV stations across the U. ROH is considered by many to be the most well known independent promotion in the world.Plus, Daniel Cormier defends the UFC light heavyweight title against surging contender Volkan Oezdemir.Dwayne delivers his first special with a smooth, incredibly likable style and charisma that draws you in.As of 2010, due to its national television show and presence on PPV, most wrestling fans regard ROH as the third most prominent professional wrestling promotion in the United States (behind WWE and TNA).The ROH promotion also runs a wrestling school called ROH Wrestling School in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Previous head trainers of the academy ROH World champions CM Punk, Austin Aries, and Bryan Danielson.

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