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Ali Cat tells you to find a dead Slayer master called Catolax and have a talk with him to learn how to combine these items.

The cat gives you hints that he is buried at the ruins of Ullek, east of the Agility Pyramid.

On the wall of one side of the corridor before each set of traps is a rectangular switch.

Searching the wall (not the odd markings) temporarily disables the traps.

Protect from Ranged/Magic is suggested to stop the damage from the low level skeletons.

Once you have broken down the door, run behind it, but do not run any further – there are traps!

Pollnivneach has a new inhabitant whose name is not Ali (or any variant of Ali, curiously enough).

She tells you that her sister, Jesmona, has been caught by a monster and trapped under the well in the centre of the town. Equip a Catspeak amulet and attempt to enter the well.

When you try to climb down the well, a cat called "Ali Cat" stops you in a cutscene.

Ali Cat warns you about the dangers of the well, which require wearing earmuffs and a face mask at the same time.

They have 450 life points, so a few abilities should kill them regardless of style.

Once you've killed the zombies and skeletons, start searching the tombs in the walls.

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(You can refill your waterskins here if you wish.) Search the first sealed door to the west to enter the dungeon.

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