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It also includes dozens of additional image processing features and filters that are not in the free version.This includes film grain, temporal and spatial noise reduction, amazing new face enhancement tools, lens flares, lens distortion correction, optical quality blur and mist effects, match move, warping and much more!Powerful acceleration for processor intensive formats, like H.264, makes it possible to edit 4K material on a laptop in realtime!

All these new features make Da Vinci Resolve 14 the world’s most advanced post production software!Unlike cloud based software, Da Vinci Resolve Studio does not require a connection to the internet and there are no monthly subscription fees.Now you can get Da Vinci Resolve Studio for only 9, which is 50% less than the cost of popular cloud subscriptions.Plus, you get full nonlinear editing, advanced color correction and a massive suite of new Fairlight audio tools, all included in the one easy to buy solution.It’s like getting 3 high end professional applications for the cost of one!

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Da Vinci Resolve 14 is a revolution in post production! Da Vinci Resolve 14 has hundreds of new features for editors, colorists and now, for the first time, audio professionals.