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Weird dating site questions

We've all dated people who were bad at the time (or just in general), but that doesn't mean we won't meet someone who defies our previous odds.But sometimes meeting someone like that requires the hardest thing of all: The belief that people can be better and the willingness to see the best in people.The other (the first one) puts them in a spot where they really have to think about whether they're interested.Q: I have a bit of a 'problem' with forcing issues when it comes to dating.Even if they can't make it, it will have a reciprocal effect in getting them to return the favour. If it's not, then give it a minute and see what he does over the coming couple of weeks.Q: I've been in love with my best friend's boyfriend for a while, and now they've recently broken up. But now I'm not sure if I should tell her, or what it even means to him. Does he try to take things further or is he just using you for sex when he needs it. Don't feel the need to push things with him, just make it clear you're open to seeing him again and see what he does.The online conversations preceding a potential date give you the opportunity to discover the worst and best traits of your fellow man or woman.

She is in her mid 30s now and the only one that ever came close to being ' The One' turned out the a cheating liar.

If I really like someone I tend to just tell them and get it over with.

I'd rather know right then and there if they're going to run. Is there a right time to tell someone that I really like them or even that I'm falling for them?

If they reciprocate then great, if they don't then you can move on.

But don't rush people to an answer that doesn't exist yet.

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' (bad)'I'm going to this cool exhibition (or whatever) this weekend, come!

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  2. There’s a Japanese woman walking with a black man—-they like black guys! There’s some statistical thing going on, is what I’m trying to say. Half a dozen couples a day, out of cities with millions of people. I mean, can you really talk about dating Japanese women .